3 Password Tips And Tricks To Reduce Security Threats

Backdoor password is the first security feature that determines how secure your system is. You should make it strong in order to reduce cyber security concerns. Thus, follow the following tips to defend your company from online security breaches due to a weak or a default password.

  1. Stronger Password Is Better

When you change the default DVR password into something weak, it does no betterment for securing the IoT devices. Only complex passwords that contain uppercase and lowercase letters and a few symbols, numbers, and alphabets are strong enough to keep internet dangers away from your company. The worst internet dangers include malware, phishing scams, spear phishing attacks, and viruses. Nevertheless, a password should contain 20 or more characters since such a long and complex password is not easy to decode.

  1. Exclusivity Of The Password

Securing a business is no easy job. But you can certainly make a good start by assigning a different login password to every device/account. When all the networks, devices, and email accounts operate on different passwords, hackers cannot corrupt the entire business even if they hack into 1 network.

Another password exclusivity trait involves limiting the authority to access the DVR password between concerned people only. If everyone can access the DVR directly, it becomes very easy for hackers to find one mistake and infiltrate the security. Besides, it is a wise choice to use the MFA (Multi-factor authentication) technique to make a forced login tougher for unwanted and unauthorized people.

  1. Security Of The Password

Yes, you heard it right – you need to protect the password first so that it can protect your security devices. When you write down the passwords on a paper or simply save them in some unencrypted file, you’re putting them at risk.

Something as important as a DVR password should be saved in a reliable password managing app only. The benefit of a password managing app is – you have to remember only the master password that you generate for the password managing app. The app will remember all the other passwords.

Some Additional Cyber Booting Tips To Prevent A Security Breach

The following cyber protection tips are very effective and, thus, should be followed.

  • Use software protection tools – antivirus and firewall
  • Use original software by reliable software manufacturers only
  • Run software scans and network scans to remove harmful hidden bugs
  • Use network segmentation techniques so that the damage can be minimized in case of a security breach
  • Teach your employees different ways to stay away from malicious phishing websites

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