How to Select an Online Broker for Trading

Thanks to the internet, it has become possible for just about anyone to start trading. An online broker gives you the ability to trade foreign currencies, stocks and even cryptocurrencies, engage in options trading and even open retirement accounts. However, you need to do some research before you sign up with an online broker. You have to consider your trading goals and your investing needs and then choose a broker that’s likely to provide you the best services to meet them accordingly. But, what factors should you consider when you are researching brokers? Some of the items that require your attention are:

Cost Per Trade

This is the holy grail and it is easy to compare it with others because it is a number. Nonetheless, when you are considering the cost per trade, you should know that you cannot rely on a single cost because there is a wide array of fees charged by brokers. You need to investigate all relevant costs that are charged by a broker. One broker may have very low commissions in stock trading, but if you are interested in trading crypto, it is not really relevant for you.

The Investment Options

A quality broker is one that gives you the opportunity of investing in a variety of assets, which include stocks, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), mutual funds, bonds, options, real estate investment trusts, indices, cryptocurrencies and foreign currencies. Even if you are interested in a single asset right now, you should consider the possibility that you may want to spread your activities in the future. Thus, you will need a broker who gives you plenty of choices.

Minimum Deposit Requirement

There is a minimum deposit requirement imposed by most brokers and this tends to vary. If you are a new trader who doesn’t have a lot of investment capital, it may not make a difference whether the broker is the best in the industry because you will not be able to fulfill their requirements of minimum deposit. The good news is that not every broker has high minimum deposit requirements and you can find one through thorough research.

Account Opening Procedure

Another element that requires some consideration is the account opening procedure of a broker. Obviously, you need to provide some personal details, but what you need to see is exactly how complicated and time consuming this process is. Some brokers take considerable time in account verification and require extensive information, which is rather unnecessary. You may also not be comfortable in sharing that much with a broker. In addition, this will delay your trading and not everyone wants to wait that long.

Education Center

For new traders, education can make all the difference in how they perform in the market. After all, they have just begun their journey and don’t have any knowledge of the market’s inner workings. The trading market can be extremely risky and dangerous if you go in without any knowledge or skills and don’t know what to expect. The broker you choose can help you in this regard by providing you access to a comprehensive education center. Numerous brokers have provided their clients with the option of being able to enjoy educational and informational videos and courses on different kinds of trading.

They can also find e-books and other reading material and can also benefit from webinars, which are conducted by industry experts and can give an insight into the market. Traders can communicate with skilled traders and experts to get advice and guidance, which is also quite useful. Therefore, never sign up with a broker that doesn’t provide you with access to an education center.


As mentioned above, you have to share some personal information with a broker when you sign up. This is something you cannot avoid and you not only have to give them your personal details like name and address, but also share your financial information. This means that you have to expose yourself to multiple risks. Hence, the safety and security measures taken by a broker should also be taken into consideration. You can read 10-Capital review and reviews of other brokers to see what steps they have taken to give peace of mind to their clientele.

Look for brokers who use the highest form of encryption for storing your information and monitor their website regularly to ensure there are no loopholes that can be exploited. Also, you should make sure they store your funds in segregated accounts so you will still get paid in case the broker goes bankrupt. You will not lose your investment in this way.

Customer Support

One vital factor that should be given a lot of importance is none other than the customer support a broker has to offer. You may have questions about the broker’s services or you may encounter problems while using their platform or there may be another issue that’s holding up your trading. You want to get it resolved as quickly as possible because you want to make your trades and profit from the opportunities that arise. Customer support can fix these issues, which means you need quick, responsive and accurate services.

Not every broker may provide reliable customer care and some even have agents who give vague responses that can lead to confusion. Therefore, you need to weigh the level of customer support and services provided by a broker before choosing one.

The key is to figure out what aspects and elements of a broker are important to you because this can have an impact on your final decision. You have to remember that no online broker is going to be ideal for everyone due to which you need to prioritize the characteristics that matter to you the most. Some traders don’t mind paying a bit more if they can access a greater number of assets or get quality customer support. Compare your options and always think in the long term when you have to select a broker because switching can be a complicated process that will affect your trading.

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